Kat Vlcek

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We are very excited to formally introduce you to our newest member of staff Kat!!!!

Kat will be providing our sports massages and helping with some gym based rehabilitation with our clients.

Following her retirement as a professional dancer, Kat discovered her passion for sports massage therapy.

Having sustained various injuries across her dancing career she developed a keen interest in rehabilitation and injury prevention, with a view to helping her clients to improve their mobility and flexibility. In working alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths, Kat has rapidly expanded her own knowledge and skills with experience in treating marathon runners, triathletes, bodybuilders and rugby players, as well as those struggling with issues related to their work. Sports massage is for everyone, from teachers and hairdressers, to athletes and office workers. 

As a successful competitive bodybuilder, Kat has a keen interest in helping others gain confidence in the gym, perfecting form, and avoiding injury. Her ultimate aim is for her clients to be pain free, mobile and have a better quality of life. 

Kat has significant experience in sports massage initially applying her trade in professional rugby with Exeter Chiefs. Since then she has worked in numerous settings providing sports massage treatments to great effect from private sports and physiotherapy clinics whilst also gaining valuable experience working as a physiotherapy and rehabilitation assistant in the NHS alongside her normal training sessions.

Kat will also soon be starting her own training to become a fully qualified Physiotherapist where she will be supported within the clinic during her course.

You can book a 30 minute or 45 minute sports massage appointment with Kat with immediate effect through our booking portal