Running Analysis

lower the likelihood of injury

Are you a runner?

Just started or have you been running a while?

Does it matter? Not really!
Some people can start running and not have any issues with the best or the worst looking running technique based on the ideal textbook but be completely efficient. Others may have been running for years and pick up niggles all of the time.

Sometimes our developed running styles are not the most efficient way normally by the body’s natural compensation to the task without the associated strength required to support the body.

At OXON Physiotherapy our aim is to get you running as efficiently and effortlessly as possible with the best possible advice and lower the likelihood of injury stop you from doing the thing you love – RUN!

Our session comprises of the following:

  • A discussion with a Chartered Physiotherapist about your concern, training programme, previous injuries and any other factors.
  • Video analysis of you running on a treadmill from multiple angles.
  • Analysis and discussion of your running technique from a Physiotherapist trained in running gait analysis.
  • Strength assessment of the key muscle groups associated with running
  • Implementation of running drills and suggestions on areas of improvement.
  • A tailored exercise programme designed for you based on the outcome findings
  • Option for a follow up review session to monitor progress.
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