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Operative Rehabilitation or Trauma

Are you waiting or just had orthopaedic surgery? Have you sustained a traumatic accident and broken a bone that has been immobilised in a plaster or required surgery to fix with pins and metalwork?

Unfortunately, orthopaedic or traumatic surgery occurs very often and becomes very debilitating, however with the correct advice and guidance there is no reason why your life cannot return to how you want it to be!
The goals will be different for each individual; some wanting to get out of the chair easily or squat down to play with their grandchildren after a hip or knee replacement, while others will want to get back to the gym or running after an ankle or wrist fracture.

Why not let us help you!

At OXON Physiotherapy we have the expertise and knowledge on how to get you back to your normal function after these procedures and love nothing more than to guide you on your recovery and get you back to the lifestyle that suits you. With a tailored treatment plan specific to reach your goals, we utilise specific exercises, stretches and hands on techniques.

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