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Workforce Symptom Free

Keeping staff in work and the workforce symptom free and happy is one of the most important things for employers. These days the majority of occupation will need to utilise some sort of display screen to undertake their work but very few have their workstation set up and made fit for purpose for that particular employee. More recently many companies now promote ‘Hot desking’ which means the working area is never sufficiently set up for those specific employees.

Help & Guidance

What if we could help you set up your employees’ desk that are fit for purpose and provide information and guidance for the workforce on simple changes that could help reduce symptoms and minimise the potential of time off work due to neck, back, shoulder or arm pain?

At OXON Physiotherapy we can provide on-site assessments by an experienced MSK physiotherapist.

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Maintain Pain-free Postural Positioning

The employee will be advised on how to maintain pain-free postural positioning and the provision of a bespoke exercise program to help reduce back pain, Repetitive strain injuries or other musculoskeletal injuries. We can arrange physiotherapy treatment if required and a follow-up review (if required) to assess the employee’s progress and provide the employer and employee with graded expectations for a return to full duties. This will help manage the expectations of both parties.

A detailed report will be provided, with recommendations for adjustments or changes to the workstation. The assessment allows for solutions to be implemented for employers to meet health and safety legislation.
With each assessment, a holistic approach is followed by the physiotherapist, including environmental, work-station and, most importantly, the functional and everyday activities of the employee.

These assessments can be done as individuals or as a group booking. For further information about the service please get in touch to discuss.