Home Visits

Privacy of the home, care home or nursing home

Patient Home Assessments

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Home visits give our physiotherapists the opportunity of assessing patients in their own environment. Treatments are provided in the privacy of the home, care home or nursing home, and can restore patient’s independence. Many conditions are suitable for home treatments.


  • Post-operative conditions e.g. hip/knee replacement surgery, building up after COVID-19 or other illnesses.
  • Early Rehabilitation after a fracture or injury
    Loss of/decreased mobility and function – including assessment and advice on equipment to improve functioning at home.
  • Frequent Falls – Falls assessment to reduce falls, reduce injury risk and review environmental factors to reduce falls.
  • Complex patient Manual Handling review and advice in the home or care home environment.


How can I get an OXON Physiotherapy appointment at home?

You do not need a referral for a private physiotherapy appointment. You can self-refer to us – please give us a call to enquire about how we can help you, or enquire via the Contact tab.

What happens at an OXON Physiotherapy appointment at home?

The initial appointment will consist of asking lots of questions about you and the problem we are there to help you with. You will be assessed in your own home environment, and a treatment plan will be discussed. In many cases, some treatment will also be given. This will last up to an hour.

Follow-up appointments are usually up to an hour, but some conditions may only need 30 minutes.

The physio will need to see the part of the body that is giving you problems. This means you may be asked to undress to some degree. If you’re worried about this, you can ask to be seen by a physiotherapist of the appropriate gender when you make the appointment. This may not always be possible. Alternatively, you may have a chaperone present.

It’s likely that you will be given some exercises to do to help your condition before your follow-up appointment. These will typically be demonstrated by the physiotherapist and you may be given a sheet to remind you how to do them at home.