Aran Horrell

In Physiotherapists by Huw Jones

Aran completed a Masters (MSc) degree in Physiotherapy at The University of Southampton in 2016 where he received his degree with Merit. Since then he has developed specialist musculoskeletal and orthopaedic knowledge working on a major trauma ward, a specialist hand unit, an elective orthopaedic ward (where he provided both pre and post-operative rehabilitation), as well as treating an array of musculoskeletal injuries in both a GP practice and an outpatient clinic.

Aran has a keen interest in the world of sport, competing in his younger years to a high standard both in football and rugby and continues to be an avid member of his local golf and tennis clubs. Arans sporting background makes him a driven individual with an excellent focus on both goal setting and patient-centred rehabilitation.

Aran undertook an undergraduate degree in Sports and Exercise Science prior to completing his Physiotherapy masters, where he received distinction award, and has found this invaluable to his Physiotherapy career in helping his clients achieve their goals. Alongside his undergraduate degree he also worked as a personal trainer, developing his skills in strength and conditioning training and knowledge of patient specific exercises programmes.

Arans background also gives him a greater understanding of the importance of returning to optimal health and fitness to maintain your quality of life. 

Arans treatment techniques favour a combination of a hands on approach alongside arming his patients with the knowledge and tools to optimise self management, with the aim of reducing the risks of future recurrent injury, He has found this to be of great importance and benefit for his patients and their recovery.